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STX-200 Software

Skype TX is a studio grade system that enables broadcasters to seamlessly integrate a potential cast of 300 million users into a studio workflow — and straight into the heart of a show.

Using Skype TX’s bespoke controller software, up to 14 units can be controlled from a single interface. With enhanced control and management features, Skype TX allows multiple HD quality audio and video feeds to produce the highest class of broadcast integrations.

Skype TX is certified by Microsoft and its ease of use is loved by professionals the world over — from entertainment to news and sport.


In addition to the standard Skype TX software, STX 200 offers enhanced features performed by the powerful software STX-Mon. STX-Mon allows for even smoother production workflows transforming the Riedel’s STX 200 unit into a feature rich broadcast production tool. The software's user interface offers full system control in monitoring.

STX-Mon main features:


- Enhanced tally functionality

- Powerful monitoring and control settings



STX-Mon offers the three different tally features "Tally Frame", "Image Overlay" and "Text Overlay".


Each of these features can be triggered by independent GPI contacts. In addition, each feature can be customized and configured to fit into individual production needs, such as the tally frame function.


Skype feed with Tally Frame

STX-Mon also provides seamless integration into external monitoring and control systems via SNMP and Ember+. These two protocols provide both monitoring and parameter settings.



Following features can be monitored and controlled:


- Skype Call Status

- System Health (e.g. Fan Speed, temperature)

- GPI Status




Thanks to these features, users can e. g. change the status of GPI via Ember+ and SNMP.


System Health monitoring in the STX-Mon Software

STX Control Software

The Skype TX Control software provides customers with the ability to manage multiple Skype TX channels from a single user interface.



More parameters that Skype TX Control manages, include:

- stream resolution,

- aspect ratios,

- FPS,

- logo overlays, and

- various audio options.


Riedel’s STX-200 also offers unique device monitoring functions, such as temperature measurement and system status, that can be monitored by means of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The benefits


• HD SDI output

• GenLock input

• Balanced and embedded audio options

• Complete custom solution built by Skype

• Supports all major broadcast video resolutions

• Remotely manage and monitor multiple calls from one workstation

The savings


• Save resources with easy management, needing only one person on one controller

• Save money, with many of the benefits of a satellite truck, at a fraction of the cost

• Save time, with a quick and easy set up that connects to any Skype client on any device, perfect for interviews

The improvements


• Easy to send studio output to remote client via HD-SDI

• All the benefits of Skype minus pop-up windows, chat or other message notifications

• Call management — see all the essential technical information from one accessible interface

• Call experience — if internet connection bandwidth drops out, Skype TX smoothly manages the transition without losing the call

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